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11x14 on photo matte poster


As I was praying for your husband. I saw that he was getting baptized, but instead of going up out of the water, he went to the bottom of the ocean with Jesus. Apparently, Jesus was baptizing your husband. Now, normally I would think of this as strange. But then I got to thinking that perhaps your husband was already baptized on the day he was born again. Which now makes a whole lot of sense. This is not a regular baptism like for new believers, this a baptism into a whole new realm. Jesus brought your husband down to the depth of the sea because there are deep things that God desires for him to know. This usually happens when one is mature in the faith, has gone through some stuff and is still serving and trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ. But this time, God wants him to know the depth of scripture, the depth of having a relationship with Jesus, the depth of his Lordship. This is a place where he will learn how to breathe underwater. Totally new realm it was easy breathing air above the surface, but now he will learn how to breathe in the deep, in the depth of his revelation, the depth of his love. This is totally necessary for his continued walk with the Lord.
Many of us in the faith stop growing, stop witnessing. We are Ok the way things are, "if it's not broken, don't fix it," mentally. Going to church, giving your tithes and even being part of a ministry is not enough to walk in the depth of his heart, his fellowship, his lordship. God is looking to develop and build upon his heart so that when he gets up out of the waters, he would have the language of both realms, the natural realm, and the supernatural realm. He will be able to breathe in both worlds. Blessings. 

Breathing underwater