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11x14 on photo matte poster



Praying for you in the spirit. I saw Jesus bringing you to a place with all kinds of molds/casts. Some of these molds have different inscriptions on them. There was a mold for a king, a priest, an intercessor, and a hammer. As you and Jesus were approaching this mold/cast place, there were two angels. One had what would appear to be a large rake. The other Angel had what appeared to be in a large metal jar filled with molten liquid gold. The mold was shaped like a key. And there were some impurities in the molten gold. The Angel, who had a rake, skimmed the surface of the gold as it was being poured, removing the flaws and impurities. You and Jesus, we're both looking at this mold. You were completely naked; Jesus had a white linen garment around you. There will come a time in his timing and perhaps even now. That Jesus will walk you to that mold and remove the linen garment, and you will step into the mold, and as the hot liquid gold pours into the cast, it will burn you completely. And the final stage of who you are will be a golden key ready to be used by God Almighty to open ancient doors that were closed and have not been opened for a long time. You are being used as a key in the master's hand. God wants you to go back to go forward (hence ancient doors). The only way God would use you to open new doors is to fill yourself with God's word. Then you will be ready to burn for Jesus, and once purified, he will use you to open doors that man cannot open and close doors that man cannot close. Many ask God for keys, but in this painting, you are the key. Ready yourself, daughter of the most high. You've been chosen for such a time

You are a Key for the Master's Hand

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